Many hybrid varieties are beautiful, but they are unlabeled or mislabeled, so be sure to ask questions so you know exactly what you're buying. If you live in an area that's prone to flooding, growing your begonias in a pot will give you the option of bringing them under shelter in rain. Repotting rex begonias each spring will ensure that they have plenty of soil to grow in, but they like to be a little bit pot bound. Bacterial leaf spot, mildew, and botrytis can occur if the leaves stay wet. Begonias are a beautiful tropical plant that looks great in any garden, but since they do not grow well in colder climates, those of you who live in a northern location where the weather varies quite a bit will not be able to grow these plants outdoors all year long. Propagating Rex Begonia. They also need high humidity (at least 50 percent) to do their best. In terms of growing, they like rich, well-drained soil and detest soggy feet. Rex begonias are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. One interesting and beautiful begonia that's often included with the rex begonias as a foliage begonia is the B. masoniana or iron cross begonia. Rex begonias are grown for their colourful, dramatic foliage. Rex Begonia’s are also called looking glass plants. Fancy-leafed begonias produce dramatic, large leaves streaked, veined, or splashed in shades of silver, pink, purple, cream, green, or burgundy. The small pale pink flowers are an added bonus. Cane type (Angel Wing) begonias and the Rex or foliage begonias are also good indoor plants. Begonia Rex-cultorum group, (bah-GO-nyah). Escargot begonias (Begonia rex) are a variety of rex begonia that produces spiral-shaped foliage that curls around at the base of the leaf. Don’t worry, just pinch back leggy stems and keep on taking care of your begonia until it grows new leaves. To prevent them, keep the plant well-trimmed and remove dead leaves from the surface of the planting mix. Be sure your garden beds or containers meet the requirements of the rex begonia. Rex begonia offers colorful foliage and is one of the most interesting indoor plants around. Root rot can be a problem in wet areas. Rex begonia offers colorful foliage and is one of the most interesting indoor plants around. Care: Watering “on demand” (or when the soil is dry to the touch) is a great way to keep Rex begonias happy. You can cut back on water during their dormant period in the winter, watering only when the pot dries out. Despite its exotic looks, Rex begonia is actually easy to grow. Rex: Rex begonias are entirely their own class of begonia.They are rhizomatous, meaning they typically grow horizontally and … The outer edges of the leaf may appear dark green while the inner parts are a … And that’s without producing many flowers like other Begonia species. You can feed your potted plants monthly with any good houseplant food. Although a blooming plant, its flowers are so small … Rex Begonia Plant – Care, Growing, Watering, Propagation read more » A Begonia Rex plant, also called a Painted-Leaf Begonia, a Fancy-Leaf Begonia, or King Begonia, is a colorful perennial flowering plant that originally came from India. Series: Begonia Rex Dibs™ & Bewitched® Recommended Containers: 6” to 12” pots and mixed patio containers. Mealy bugs can also be an issue. Rex begonias prefer light, rich soil. Rex begonias can be very demanding of just the right amount of water, food, and humidity. A Begonia rex needs fast-draining soil. As with other begonias, the rex and other foliage begonias prefer the same humid, gentle environment in which understory ferns thrive. Rex: Rex begonias are entirely their own class of begonia. THE BEST REX All rex begonias are gems in their own way, but the following are our favorites among the new varieties. The wax begonia is a very popular plant because they are typically very easy to care for, but they still need to have special attention before winter hits so that they can survive the cold. Decrease fertilizing when fall arrives and stop in winter. Another option is to use a complete fertilizer (23-19-14 is a good balance) in the spring every two weeks at 1/4 strength. Begonia Rex Dibs™ boast high vigor and quick crops times compared to all other Begonia Rex lines. Rex Begonia Care. Ideal as houseplants or in hanging baskets, elatior begonias (Begonia x hiemalis) are short-lived but flower prolifically and come in fabulous colours, from hot reds and oranges to softer sherbet-like pinks, lemons and apricots. Rex Begonias are admired for their fabulous foliage. The Begonia rex is one of the most beautiful houseplants out there. The advice given here will help guide you to growing success. Decrease fertilizing when fall arrives and stop in winter. Begonia leaves come in … In most cases, a spray form of pesticide will take care of the issue. Its young leaves are flushed with purplish pink over the entire leaf blade. By using The Spruce, you accept our, 10 Top Outdoor Garden Plants That Thrive Indoors, 10 Varieties of Begonias for Gardens and Containers. This beautiful plant was introduced to cultivation in 1952 and has puckered leaves with a dark cross in the middle. This plant is susceptible to fungal infections, mainly bacterial leaf spot. Rex begonias can be temperamental and you just have to find the right conditions and balance for your plant. To really play up the unique qualities of begonia rex, pair them with solid green plants with different textures or forms. Great American Cities ‘Houston Fiesta’ In their natural habi Provide the plant with plenty of bright indirect sun, but keep it out of direct sunlight. Because it's a relatively short houseplant, Rex begonia is perfect for desks and tabletops where is wildly colorful, variegated foliage makes it a perfect contrast against other houseplants. Humidity is crucial to keeping your rex begonia happy, however, spraying the leaves can lead to spotting. Houseplants do best when the temperatures range between 60 and 85 °F. How to Care for an Escargot Begonia Plant. Begonias such as Begonia Rex and Begonia metallica are popular houseplants grown for their attractive foliage or flowers. They cannot tolerate freezing, and some types of rex begonias go into a dormant period during the fall. Whether you are gifted with a green thumb or not, our guide will help you grow the perfect houseplants. Do not over-fertilize. Rex begonias (painted leaf begonias) may not be the easiest plant to grow indoors, but with the proper know-how, you’ll succeed in growing a thriving plant that will add liveliness and color to any indoor space. The petiole is the stalk that attaches the leaf blade to the plant stem. The resulting hybrids are often known in the trade only by fancy trade names dreamed up by growers looking to market their plants. And that’s without producing many flowers like other Begonia species. This is an extremely popular Rex hybrid begonia. Ideal daytime temperatures are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, nighttime temperatures around 60 degrees, and a constant humidity level around 50 percent. The soil should be porous. are available in many different varieties, including Rex, wax, tuberous and cane-stemmed types. Whilst, there are some guidelines you need to follow, it can be relatively easy for the plant to thrive. If it is droopy or gangly, adjust the light and water. Debra LaGattuta is a certified master gardener with decades of experience with perennial and flowering plants, container gardening, and raised bed vegetable gardening. As a result, you might find the same crosses named two different things in different garden centers. You can feed Rex Begonias every two weeks or so using a diluted regular balanced houseplant fertilizer during the growing season (Spring through Fall). They also thrive on humidity but don't like direct misting, which encourages powdery mildew. Use an organic water soluble houseplant fertilizer once every four to six weeks through spring and summer. The original Begonia rex had dark leaves with wonderful silver designs. A Note of Caution For Indoor Rex Begonia Care. Full sun to partial shade. There are many different cultivated varieties, sporting large leaves with streaks, spirals or veins, and often with splashes of silver, pink, purple green and burgundy. Its leaves can vary in form - from hearts, to seashell swirls, to ivy-like forms, and more. Do not over-fertilize. The Begonia rex is one of the most beautiful houseplants out there.

rex begonia care

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