Because while MNTD’s room looks like a very inviting line of candle and neon-lit shared tables, its walk-in only policy means that you could be looking at them from the outside, or from a window seat in the pub across the road. Especially if you’re in a bigger group. My Neighbours the Dumplings will be open for business again this Saturday and we can’t wait! Prawn Har Gau. Dumpling is a funny way to spell spring roll. Footnote is a spacious coffee spot on Wilton Way in Hackney that makes a great option for catching up with friends. Somehow they’re even more moreish than that creation. First set-up by partners Kristian Leontiou and Becky Wharton in 2014, My Neighbours The Dumplings started out as a weekly pop-up held in the events room at nearby Palm 2. The kind of salty that shrivels your tongue and makes you down a spoon of welcomely tart homemade plum sauce. We order a selection of 6 dishes, some were fantastic and some OK. I could hardly wait to take them out of the steamer and sink my teeth into one, not to mention I had to wait to take pictures! Visit Website £20-25 a head, plus drinks and service. My Neighbours The Dumplings is the worst restaurant I had the misfortune to visit, what makes it worse, is that I live in the area. We headed up to Clapton this evening for dinner at My neighbours the dumplings, somewhere I had been really keen to try since reading the name. Go early, beat the rush, order the har gow. Hope everyone's having a…” The dishes need more R&D. New Culture Revolution is a casual Chinese spot on the Kings Road, and a good inexpensive choice for when you’re lost in Chelsea. Serving up what we love! Will the Government Use It? The first involves a bribe involving a Pokemon DVD, and a multipack of pickled onion Monster Munch. My Neighbours the Dumplings - Clapton. Dumpling Shack, Old Spitalfields Market, Brushfield Street. My Neighbours The Dumplings is the worst restaurant I had the misfortune to visit, what makes it worse, is that I live in the area. My neighbors moved out soon after. We took my sister in law there for a birthday meal before she goes back to New Zealand. Give us a vat of that stuff and it might just be bearable. My Neighbours the Dumplings | Restaurants in Clapton, London Early-ish dinners at around 6-7pm are your best bet. Pork and prawn really is a match made in heaven when it’s done like this. The 20 best places to eat around Hackney, London Fields, and Hackney Road. My Neighbours The Dumplings in Clapton is a dim sum parlour done East London stye. Something that boggles my… Read More In accordance with the government guidelines of course, rule of 6 applies! Both are perfectly plump chunkers, like a newborn baby you wave at after two pints on a Sunday afternoon. Regardless of what your self-control is like, there are a few things you have to (and will) end up ordering, like the siu mai and har gau dumplings. And the second involves the words ‘the dumplings’, and ‘all of’. There’s a great bar and Chinese dishes, Totoro optional. All are perfectly peachy.”, Neighbourhood Dumpling Restaurant From Clapton Eyes Second Location, Sign up for the It’s pleasant, but forgettable. with our advertising and analytics partners. 1,053 Likes, 159 Comments - my neighbours the dumplings (@myneighboursthedumplings) on Instagram: “So this is what stupid people look like! For a blissful two months in Clapton this spring, my neighbours the dumplings actually were Eat Hackney’s neighbours. 2 kids and 2 … Follow us on Instagram Instagram has returned invalid data. P Franco is a Clapton wine shop that hosts guest chefs who serve stunning small plates to neighbourhood regulars. A definite order. At around £20-£30 a head, if that isn’t a crowd pleasing combination, then we don’t know what is. On a Wednesday night, you don’t need fancy. We took my sister in law there for a birthday meal before she goes back to New Zealand. It was a gorgeous restaurant with gold leaf walls and colourful lanterns. But, pedantry is best left to geography teachers and pub quiz champions. We started with cocktails. There are steamed ones, there are fried ones, and there are chocolate-filled ones that you’ll happily smear across your face. Most of the dumplings come in portions of four, and at £5 or £6 a pop, it’s very easy to grab your table’s biro, scan down the short list, and confidently scratch a ‘1’ next to each on the menu. 3 reviews of My Neighbours the Dumplings "Opened March 2016, this is a welcome addition to the plethora of stylish, tasty eateries popping up along the Lower Clapton Road. Posted by Emilie Coalson; THROUGH THE LENS: Lower Clapton Road. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing As in they’ll arrive at your table, you’ll try and eat one in one (note: that juicy, juicy prawn is deceptively chewy, and hot), savour the second, catch eyes with whoever you’re with, before trying to catch eyes with a server. Open Tues-Sat, 6-11pm; Sun 1-4pm. 1.9K likes. My Neighbour the Dumplings is reportedly moving into Victoria Park this summer. We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements, provide social media features, My Neighbours the Dumplings 165 Lower Clapton Road, , England E5 8EQ. Oh, and now that nobody is allowed to be in the restaurant after 10pm, our last sittings are between 8:30/8.45pm. This second location has the personality of a crowd pleaser and, as with its sibling up the road, the best thing about this spot is the dumplings. Beef and enoki rolls. Living across the road, Eat Hackney shopped at Palm 2, browsed for vinyl in Lion Records, and downed dumplings in this delightful wee place.. It’s the creation of Kris and Bec, who were joined a month after the restaurant opened its doors by baby Matilda. Come and stop by! my neighbours the dumplings on Instagram: “📸 @thedavidjaypaw The Victoria Park spread”. They’re almost too pretty, too dazzling, to ea... no it’s in your mouth. A prawn-packed one specifically. These Uzbek Steamed Dumplings – Manti are the bomb! One … newsletter, 178-180 Victoria Park Road, London , E9 7HD, 19 Lower Clapton Rd, Hackney, Greater London E5 0NS, Udon in the City, roti on an industrial estate, small plates on the canal, pudding in Soho, and more — many with heaters, After Lockdown 2.0, London Restaurants Reopen With a Familiar Sense of Uncertainty, "We are in a battle with a way to go yet, steel yourself on your mettle and… onward!". It was torture, pure torture! First in Clapton, and now also two minutes from Victoria Park, My Neighbours The Dumplings is surely Hackney’s favourite kinda cool and kinda casual Chinese restaurant. We specialise in hand made dumplings, rolled fresh everyday by our expert Dumpling Team in the window of our Victoria Park restaurant. If you’ve ever got home in the early hours, found the cupboards bare aside from a lone pack of Doritos, and had a wave of ‘inspiration’ whilst staring at your fridge condiments shelf, then you’ll be familiar with the aesthetic of these fried won tons. “It’s every bit as cool-kid as its location suggests, but the food is worth it,” she wrote. Dumplings are either very bland (prawn dumplings) or are overpowered by a single flavour (very gingery siu mai & too much black pepper in the spinach cod dumpling). Packed to the rafters with locals most nights, My Neighbours specialises in a range of Chinese dumplings, presented with an inimitable Clapton twist; you’ll find yum cha classics like sweet prawn har gau to crisp potstickers filled with lamb or mushrooms, as well as small plates and a lineup of stiff cocktails to wash it all down with. My Neighbours the Dumplings head chef Joe Allen and fellow chefs and friends Trung Nguyen and Aaron Thomas are organising a charity dinner to raise funds for Meningitis Now. Don’t see your city? First in Clapton, and now also two minutes from Victoria Park, My Neighbours The Dumplings is surely Hackney’s favourite kinda cool and kinda casual Chinese restaurant. Lardo in Hackney is primarily a pizza place, but also serves some good salads and mains. Here are your midweek spots. The best restaurants in London for when you’re saying goodbye to someone, even if you’ve got a hunch they’ll be back in a month or two. The best move here is to go hard on these, have a few beers, and a carafe of sake. Reload. Just remember to make a mental note of that indoor-outdoor patio area for summer, along with the rest of Hackney. The dishes need more R&D. Read our. A skewer of mackerel with a cursory hint of miso and a squeeze of lime. 3 minute read From our Social Media. This second location has the personality of a crowd pleaser and, as with its sibling up the road, the best thing about this spot is the dumplings. With some new fancy screens - some spa style hand washing stations, and a touch more space, we’re doing what we can to make everyone feel comfortable at my neighbours:) That brings us to My Neighbours the Dumplings, a ridiculously popular neighbourhood restaurant in Clapton specialising in dim sum and a rotating menu of Chinese-style specials. Winter melon soup. Uli has one of the best outdoor terraces in Notting Hill, and their noodles and dim sum aren’t bad either. Open Tues-Sat, 6-11pm; Sun 1-4pm. DEAR HELOISE: My neighbor told me about an easy way to make dumplings, which she said came from your column. It’s sweet and salty, the chicken’s perfectly cooked, and it’s a fun thing to pack into some iceberg lettuce. I had my Manti with a big scoop of sour cream and feel better now. Pick the perfect spot for every situation. NT’s is a cool bar with a roof terrace in London Fields. 115 Mare Street, London E8 4RU, UK. That said, once you’re seated it’s very pleasant, and the service is slick even when it’s buzzing. My good friend, Jess, is a strict vegetarian but as a show of love she occasionally likes to cook her husband heartier dishes that include meat. Tag: my neighbours the dumplings. Drop us a line and let us know where you’d like us to go next. We may share information about your use of our site In a nutshell: Dumplings in Victoria Park Summing it all up: The original Clapton restaurant has been a big success - so much so that My Neighbours The Dumplings are about to open in Victoria Park.Once again, it's all about the dumplings - and they're very, very good. It is thought the restaurant — which is among the most popular in the hip Hackney neighbourhood home to P. Franco, and the Babybel deep-friers Les Nenettes — will take the place of now-closed Fayre Share, next door to the coffee shop and wine bar, Balcone. 020 3327 1556. … Homemade chilli oil. And that’s because, despite the best efforts of moist miso chicken and all manner of skewer on other parts of the menu, the dumplings - savoury and sweet - are the star of the show. Perhaps they’d say the same about my hockey habit. Lamb potstickers. Hospitality Lobby Says Government Coronavirus Restrictions ‘Lack Any Sliver of Logic’, Boris Johnson’s New £1,000 Grant Isn’t Going to Save Any Pubs, An Alternative Advent Calendar Guide for People Bored of Chocolate Figurines, World-Famous Institution The River Cafe Drops a New Restaurant Out of Nowhere, Trussell Trust Says Universal Credit Repayments Are Forcing People Into Food Banks. Rolling dumplings. It’s a dangerous setup if you have eyes bigger than you stomach. 2020 © The Infatuation Inc. All Rights Reserved. Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square is a 5-star hotel in near The Tower of London in the City. That doesn’t really matter though. About the dumplings, O’Loughlin said: “Their hand-crafted dumplings are beautiful enough to frame: classic har gau with a delicate, tensile wrapper, the prawns inside sweetly fresh, almost crunchy...Potstickers are stuffed with lamb Mongolian-style, or woodsy mushroom and courgette. Now operating as a 'Dumpling House and Sake Bar', the brand has grown to become one of … • My Neighbours The Dumplings 165 Lower Clapton Road, London E5, 020-3327 1556. and analyze traffic to our site and apps. Ultimately, there’s a reason why this place is called My Neighbours The Dumplings and not My Neighbours The Overly Salty Pork Belly And The Sometimes Annoying Walk-In Only Policy. But now all is good in the world again. 220 Likes, 26 Comments - my neighbours the dumplings (@myneighboursthedumplings) on Instagram: “We’re opening every day from this Monday. Take canned homestyle or buttermilk biscuits and cut them into quarters. My Neighbours the Dumplings is a family run Chinese dumpling house and Sake bar, now with two sites in both Lower Clapton and Victoria Park Village, Hackney. Tesco’s £585 Million Cashback Could Save Restaurants. my neighbours the dumplings, London, United Kingdom. The prawn and pork filled siu mai are juicy and a little salty, while the har gau are our idea of a bundle of joy. Very, very salty. Sake … Food writer Alan Davidson (1924-2003), the author of the massive (affiliate link, clicking means I get a tiny kick-back–read One for the kids, adults, and everything in between. I was visiting her one day when she happened to be making a delicious Greek soup as a surprise for him since he had been traveling frequently for work. My Neighbours the Dumplings, 165 Lower Clapton Road; 170-180 Victoria Park Road. In a 2016 review critic Marina O’Loughlin, then writing for the Guardian, awarded the restaurant 7/10 for food, 7/10 for atmosphere, and 9/10 on value for money. Follow us on Instagram. With no mixing of households! 9,429 Followers, 422 Following, 453 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from my neighbours the dumplings (@myneighboursthedumplings) A classic reload dish if we’ve ever seen one. Dumplings in soup. My Neighbours the Dumplings A buzzing east London dim sum joint serving up homemade dumplings. Salty. All they require is your love, attention, and some of MNTD’s deceptively oomph-filled chilli oil. Eater has learned that Clapton’s My Neighbour the Dumplings will open a second restaurant on Victoria Park Road in east London this summer. What requires even more attention is the time you come here, particularly if you’re not in the business of waiting. You need somewhere accessible and affordable, with good food. It’s a killer spot for a cocktail on a sunny day. Peg is a walk-in wine and skewers spot in Hackney from the people behind P. Franco and Bright. Do not underestimate the power of a soy coated and ginger-packed plate of greens. And when the ‘dumplings’ in question are filled with gloriously gooey chocolate, alongside a caramel dipping sauce, and a couple of scoops of vanilla, then who cares? 126 Likes, 6 Comments - my neighbours the dumplings (@myneighboursthedumplings) on Instagram: “We're back open again today from 6pm with some of your old favourites! Upgrade to Chrome and start finding Restaurants. Eater has learned that Clapton’s My Neighbour the Dumplings will open a second restaurant on Victoria Park Road in east London this summer. If looks could kill then this sauce-covered plate of soft chicken wouldn’t lay a scratch on you. That’s what Darth Vader would say if he was eating here. They’ve since been replaced by lovely people with a mild cigarette habit that’s almost quaint in comparison. My neighbours the dumplings are still open! Climpson and Sons is the best place on Broadway Market to grab a seat and a cup of coffee. Tom had the Kokoro Plumble with gin, jasmine tea syrup and plum wine, while I had a Madam Butterfly with sake, shochu, lychee liqueur, chilli and … • My Neighbours The Dumplings 178-180 Victoria … Just a stone’s throw from Hackney Downs and Victoria parks lies some mighty fine potstickers and plump dumplings in the cutest of restaurants. That’s how good neighbours become good friends. There is a standard menu and a specials board that offers not just food specials but also sake specials!

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