This week's issue is now mostly resolved, but LogDNA Indexing Issues and Dallas Cloud Functions problems still exist. How can uploading 2 domain certs be so broken that it takes 1,5 to 2 hours? RT:@burucu_osmanRT:@[email protected]_Nirbhau_ Hi Shinda! @maxdesiatov Yeah Kube is awesome but the devil is in the (implementation) details. It's very clear to me that whatever it is isn't working. @maxdesiatov Yeah Kube is awesome but the devil is in the (implementation) details. The Dallas outage appears to have started around 0100 CDT, with more and more of its services dropping out between 0200 and 0500 CDT. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. @IBMcloud So I see we getting more honest about the capabilities of Aspera .. no more lies about being able to transfer data faster than what the available bandwidth of the connection.. UDP sucks! Can you DM us the email you are using to set up the account? We're sorry to hear you're experiencing issues. @quirkykirkyfan1 THIS IS A COUP! Reports coming in of as many as nine customers affected Reports coming in … I’m rooting for IBM cloud anyone else? FROM node:latest IBMcloud: @9kwDyo Hello, And @IBMCloud is dead to me until and unless they let their staff fix the clearly-articulated problems with the offering. RT @TDASUK_FrankR: Another new Service from #ibmcloud : IBM Cloud Code Engine...a new #serverless compute service delivering a new, easy…, @ServerlessFan RT @Daliu5: Brilliant! RT:@[email protected]_Nirbhau_ Hi Shinda! Facebook The IBM Cloud is currently suffering a major outage, and with that, multiple services that are hosted on the platform are also down, including everybody’s favorite tech news aggregator, Techmeme. Manage risk and maintain business continuity with DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) from IBM. @BranquinhoZ @IBMcloud Weighted Tabulation Feature of election software changed hundreds of thousands of Trump votes to Biden with a linear transfer. RT:@[email protected] Hi Jose -- apologies for the inconvenience. IBMcloud: @9kwDyo Hello, RT @bobby_gratz: Are you an IBM Spectrum Control user & want a complementary #IBMCloud service that can transform your support experience f…, @blm849 @IBMcloud It's always nice not to do your back in while working IBM. As an IBM Cloud Direct Link partner, we provide secure connectivity to IBM Cloud services, instantly accessible from any point on our fabric. Please answer the security question you selected for the following account: @sd_architect Unable to log into the ibmcloud, or experiencing authentication issues with watson services you provisioned? Never be taken by surprise again. TRUMP WON! RT @Yuli_Sidharta: How IBM partnerd with Telstra on Transforming customer service with AI #MakeADifference #ibmcloud #AI @gg_at_work @miked…, @Daliu5 @CarolynHogarth RT @bobby_gratz: #IBMStorage The storage systems that you monitor with IBM Storage Insights stream telemetry data to the #IBMCloud. @runnersbyte Are you still experiencing this issue? Early in June, businesses worldwide grappled with another threat to business continuity — outages and downtime. Access , transparency, verification. @bobby_gratz GitHub seems to be down a lot more since its $7.5 … FROM node:9.4.0-alpine Can you DM us the email you are using to set up the account?