Even in the Led Zeppelin Celebration Day reunion concert Jimmy Page is diming the gain on those Oranges. Kris had noted that in 1959 Les Paul's were assembled on a production line in Nashville. Much of this discussion is speculation and incorrect. He had been trained and practiced this craft when he lived in Atlanta. Kris Derrig Kris Derrig (1954-1987) . I forget what it was. As such, I thought I would write a few words on the subject as I was an actual friend of Kris. One guy, his name is Kris Derrig, and the other guy was Peter Max Baranet. Free shipping . He was one of those unique individuals who left this place we call LIFE way too soon. At that time, customizing and creating custom guitars was a common order of business. But let's stop the story at this point and return to it later. So, I brought him a set of, “Patent Applied For,” gold Grover tuning keys that I had laying around, a set of Gibson PAFs with gold posts and pickup covers, and a vintage gold Gibson ABR bridge. $12,000.00. He did a great job and matched 1960 Gibson coloring perfectly. Peter "Max" Baranet built "Kris Derrig Replica" Les Paul Signed by SLASH This guitar is a replica of Kris Derrig Les Paul built by legendary guitar Luthier Peter "Max" Baranet. Looked like it had Seymour Duncans in the Kris Derrig replica. He then let it hang in his shop for a couple of years, as he was distracted by other projects. [Source: Guitar Shop Magazine 1996 @ Slashworld] Apparently it was this replica which made Gibson cool again at a … Kris had noted that in 1959 Les Paul's were assembled on a production line in Nashville. Replica of the iconic 1959 Les Paul Standard 9-0663 owned by Slash aged as if it was kept in his hardcase till today. 39. Body. These are Izzy and Slash's guitar parts to Welcome to the Jungle. Kris Derrig and Max Baranet became known for building the replicas that Slash was to acquire. But, for the aficionado, if you look at the routing and the pickup cavities, Kris created them slightly different from the Gibsons of the late 1950s and there is a few other things that can be noticed by the trained eye. That instrument, the second Les Paul replica in Slash’s epic journey, is widely reported to be the work of the late Kris Derrig. He thought if he could find period material he could build a better guitar than Gibson. Carbon-Offset Shipping. Kris Derrig. Les Paul '59 Replica "kris Derrig" #9 0607. Item Information. He finished the guitar the next week, grabbing some of the remaining needed parts from the wall of the Music Works, which annoyed Jim. "Kris Derrig Is Famous because he is "The Man" who built most of Slash's Les Paul's" It seems like everyday I hear more & more Ghostbuilder stories. Kris Derrig (April 6, 1954 – May 14, 1987) was an American luthier and musician born in Greenfield, Massachusetts. He had found a part he really needed. The tape on the bridge and tailpiece while working is a nice trick, Tthe tape on the bridge and tailpiece while working is a nice trick. For the record, Kris' name is sometimes spelled Chris in the media and on the Internet. I have noticed that there has been a lot of discussion about the evolution of the Kris Derrig Les Paul on the Internet. Details about Kris Derrig Guitar. I went to the bank and gave him the money later that afternoon.As it was still not complete, I wanted Kris to take the guitar in a slightly different direction from the other Les Pauls he had crated while at the Music Works. But the tone is totally different from the Les Paul, I think that Slash wanted a specific sound of Les Paul and a little hair over the medium to longer appears on guitar final mix. Though I would have preferred to have it put together, the time did sun-age the finish perfectly.And, that is the story of the creation of the 1960 Kris Derrig Les Paul.Mostly, Kris was a great guy and a close friend. Jim, who was then working on guitars for many of the top rock stars of the era, hired Kris to help him refinish and customize guitars.