2. Workaround: None required. These steps are required to complete in order to place a new mirror policy into the corresponding DFS or AUTOSKIPCONFIG state. 3) vi /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json and write "" as a value in the "plain_text" field and then save it. Pool to SyncIQ Policy mapping is not displayed in DR Dashboard Pool Readiness view until a Zone / Pool Failover Readiness task has been run. Workaround: To assist in recovery from this state please open a support case at support.superna.net . Note it is best practise to ensure unique hints by using a naming format that uses cluster name - for example: igls-ignore-. Do the release notes provide the information that you really need? section “Setup Eyeglass remote logging manually for log Analysis”. If AD domain controllers do not execute the create and delete fast enough this can fail the validation test. Steps to do this are on the target cluster apply "igsl-ignore" hint on the pool which has the SyncIQ Policy Target Host. For additional information on use of AD groups for share security vs quota creation please read here. Resolution: Zone/Pool Readiness job now completes successfully when the source cluster is unreachable and shows the correct time that job was run and DR Status in the DR Dashboard. Runbook Robot job creates 2 failover history records - one for policy failover or access zone failover and one for for Runbook Robot. Quota Request Management Icons:  Affects User Storage icon, Quota Request Management workflow, Cluster Storage Usage Icon quotas tab are. Embeddable widgets functionality is no longer be available. In an environment where the PowerScale cluster is joined to multiple Domains, the OneFS SPN check command for a specified domain returns list of SPNs from other domains and lists them as missing. Starting a log parser service...sh: /opt/superna/java/jre1.8.0_05/bin/java: No such file or directory. Does the format help you find the information you’re looking for? When a non System zone is deleted on the Source, the Eyeglass Configuration Replication Custom Job or Auto job with disabled Zone Job does not remove the associated configuration items from target related to the deleted Zone. Readiness check from A to B does not detect the error. Workaround: Do not Run Now for Custom Job that has been Disabled. Documentation reference can be found, T15547 Failover Readiness Domain Mark Validation fails for path with spaces or special characters, Workaround: Manually confirm presence of domain mark by running command on PowerScale: isi_classic domain list . Eyeglass User Roles Default Roles incorrectly provide the option to be deleted when in fact they cannot be deleted. Failover logs retrieved from the Failover History may not have formatting after backup & restore. The Quota Request Management Icon will remove the requests, history and auto tabs along with request column. Under certain conditions the Log View may not be able to Fetch logs. Support for Isilon OneFS 8.0.x and above. Contact support.superna.net for assistance to failover quotas that failed during failover. This delay is not applied to SPN steps during failover. If not, the quota path may be used to determine which quota apply to the logged in user. HDFS 2.4 and swift support are also in this release. Workaround: Follow steps for Access zone failover configuration to ignore failover for the pool that has the Target Host. For more information about Isilon for vCenter, see the following documents: Isilon for vCenter Release Notes. As of 2.5.6-20258 build OneFS 9.1 is supported. To avoid the replication error on each cycle and keep the SyncIQ policy available for failover the Eyeglass Configuration Replication job can be set to AUTOSKIPCONFIG as per instructions, T16965 Audit does not consider differences on source and target for SMB share property inheritable_path_acl, 1138: Eyeglass UI does not block configuration of duplicate remote logging service, 2224: Eyeglass Cluster Configuration Report runs when Cluster is unreachable, 2061: Access Zone name for Directory Migration is case sensitive, 3037: Configure Remote Logging Services in Eyeglass requires manual steps, Workaround: Please refer to Eyeglass Tech Note, Eyeglass PowerScale Remote Logging Service Tech Note. This may take an hour. Action completed against all selected jobs. A Data Config Migration Job will fail to be created if the Migration or Destination Path contains special characters (example & or '). Any shares or exports that are unrelated (extra) on the target access zone are not affected. The Eyeglass Inventory view may be truncated and not display all SPNs stored in the database. Run Configuration Replication and then run the Failover Readiness job to update Zone Readiness. Some scenarios remain after resolution in 2.5.5 T12773 where when Eyeglass has an imcomplete view of PowerScale configuration due to a PowerScale API networking API call failure there is a risk of deleting and readding Eyeglass Configuration Replication jobs and losing their settings such as DFS mode or AutoSkipConfing mode or risk of deleting meta data such as SMB shares or NFS exports. Workaround: Do not use unlock for directories. Workaround: Run concurrent failover for multiple pools. For example for a 4 node cluster if the API response only contains information for nodes 1, 3 and 4 the Cluster Storage Usage window may only display information for node 1 even though node 3 and node 4 information is available. Workaround: For assessing Pool Failover readiness open the DR Dashboard and select Pool Readiness. This is a display issue only - the mapping is successfully saved and displayed after the next readiness task has run. If an error occurs on allow writes for one pool in a failover job that contains multiple pools there is no rollback for networking for failed pool. Workaround: Use isi command directly on cluster to determine all SPN. EMC ® Isilon ® OneFS 7.2 has a number of new and updated features, from node compatibility support and Hadoop updates to the new object storage application based on OpenStack™ Swift. From the Eyeglass DR Dashboard you are allowed to map a policy for pool failover when it is in active rehearsal mode even though you cannot initiate a failover when it is in this state. If there is an Eyeglass igls- mapping hint assigned to these subnet:pool which could result in the networking being failed over Zone Readiness either does not show an error OR it may show the error that mapping is incomplete. This entry can be ignored. OneFS storage architecture; Isilon node components; Internal and external networks; Isilon cluster. No workaround required. After a Quota Modification Request is submitted, the window does not close and remains in a loading state. By the end of July, the new format will be implemented in release notes for the OneFS 7.2.0 branch as new versions of OneFS are released, the new release note format will be used to document those releases. Workaround: ssh to the Eyeglass server using other tools such as putty. While the DR Assistant allows you to select a failover in the wrong direction (inactive -> active) it is blocked further along in the Failover Wizard due to no enabled policies. Filter User Reviews By: Displayed Reviews. Failover logs which were generated from previous releases cannot be viewed from the Eyeglass DR Assistant Failover History view after upgrade to Eyeglass R2.0. The subnet:pool which are provisioned against SyncIQ Policies for the Restrict Source Nodes option require an igls-ignore hint for Access Zone Failover to prevent the networking in the pool from becoming failed over during an Access Zone Failover. DR Failover Status of Warning does not block failover. T2908  New Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job cannot recover state and mode from the Eyeglass Fingerprint file. SSH to Eyeglass VM (user: admin, default password: 3y3gl4ss). Regular failover is unaffected by this issue and is available. If an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job has no associated shares, exports, alias or quotas, the Job will not be displayed under Eyeglass Configuration Replication Readiness if the SyncIQ OneFS Readiness is WARNING. Some fixes and known issues that affect OneFS code under-the-hood, and don’t have a known customer impact, aren’t included in the release notes. Workaround: Use CtrlC to exit the command. This export configuration is not supported for DR as it would not allow per policy failover and is an unsupported configuration for Eyeglass. Workaround: Create a file sharing object at or underneath the SyncIQ Policy path and in the Access Zone under which the SyncIQ Policy falls. When the Smartconnect Subnet on a IP pool is different that the subnet the IP pool was created in the DR Dashboard displays the incorrect SSIP. Resolution: Improved management of disk space related to Eyeglass backups. Using the isi alarm settings set command to customize settings for SCA0080 or SCA0081 alarms results in "Invalid alarm code" error. Post Failover re-enter the original values on the DR snapshot schedules using the cluster report values from the source cluster as a reference. Release Notes Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Server 3.4.6 for Isilon OneFS. No impact to failback. message will be displayed in the GUI followed by a message that the target cluster is not managed by Eyeglass. Workaround: Verify from OneFS that the quota settings are as expected. Workaround: Use PowerScale interface to remove and add igls-dfs prefix for affected shares. This leaves the failover in a Failed state. 1) ssh to the eyeglass appliance and login with the admin account (default password 3y3gl4ss). 2) IP Pool failover is now available for OneFS 9.0 and 9.1. Workaround: Login to the Eyeglass GUI and open the DR Dashboard to review readiness. OneFS web administration interface URL. The share export report CSV will be removed along with the AD group and user CSV report. This error does not block the failover from proceeding. It will also cause an issue after failover as the target hint (for example “igls-8a”) will not match the source hint (for example “igls-8”). When using OneFS 8.2 if the SyncIQ policy target host is set to use SSIP of target cluster Eyeglass will be unable to create the related Configuration Replication job. The MR release notes don’t contain feature and functionality information, but do contain information about previously released patches that are included in the release. For multi-site failover configuration SPN Readiness validation is not supported as there are 2 pools on the B and C clusters with the same igls-original.... SmartConnectZone name and this cannot provisioned in AD as it does not support duplicate SPNs. Workaround: None required. We provide information about fixed and known issues that Isilon customers have reported or might encounter. Reapply the schedule to the policy manually on the PowerScale. The validation that checks whether this configuration is in place incorrectly indicates OK when the "ignore" is not configured. Workaround: None Required. If you have configured pre or post failover scripts, the restore from backup does not restore the scripts to the new appliance. When setting job type for an unconfigured job to type SKIPCONFIG the other relaed jobs for snapshot schedule, zone, quota are not created until the next Configuration Replication cycle has completed. Workaround: Verify with Dell EMC support whether your OneFS version has this issue. If an AD Group has sub-groups (nested groups) is configured as a Template for automated group quota creation, no group quotas will be created for sub-groups. I brought this up to the team during the Alpha release, with the argument of having multiple Isilon clusters in a single environment, and the lack of a specified SmartConnect zone would require all clusters being connected to, to have the same credentials. Email addresses in Eyeglass do not support special characters. If DNS Dual Delegation is configured with NS Records that resolve to a name (for example configured as CNAME) the DNS Dual Delegation Validation will not work as it is expecting an IP address on resolution of the NS Record. Eyeglass Jobs window allows you to Run Now on a Custom Job which has been disabled. Isilon for vCenter Installation Guide For the case where an SMB share has been manually created on the target cluster with a different setting for the SMB share property inheritable_path_acl, the Supena Eyeglass compare of the source and target share does not identify the difference and therefore does not update the target share to match the source share. Partial results will be shown when search times out. compare_arrows Compare rate_review Write a Review. After a share/export/quota has been deselected from an Eyeglass Job, it can be re-selected for a different Job even if it is outside the Job path. 7.0 or OneFS 7.1 before you can upgrade to OneFS 7.2. Workaround: Access Zone name and case must be identical between source and target for Directory Migration. A “. Custom Quota Jobs do not need to be run manually, they are run automatically each time the customer Eyeglass configuration replication Job is run. Workaround: Close and reopen the Failover History window to see updates. The user can download a PPT file that contains the configuration and performance information, and a XLSX file that contains the detailed configuration information. Workaround: None available. If there are existing Pre or Post Failover scripts for Access Zone failover those same scripts will be run during pool failover. The Failover log always contains following Final steps even when not required: Networking Rollback Steps are incorrectly displayed at end of failover for a failover where Networking Client Redirection steps were not executed. When the failover option Disable SyncIQ Jobs on Failover Target" is selected the synciq policy schedule is not reapplied to the active synciq policy on the target cluster. Description: If you configure the same remote logging service twice in Eyeglass, the forwarding of logs to the logging service will fail. Workaround: In the above conditions these messages can be ignored as they do not apply. The solution for this is to split the single export into multiple exports each with paths that correspond to a single SyncIQ policy. T16370 DR Runbook Robot create export / mount steps disabled by default, Note: To be replaced with SMB data access testing feature in future release. For the case where an Access Zone hss both DFS and non-DFS configured jobs in Eyeglass, if share renaming fails for all shares associated with a DFS policy Client redirection will be considered an error for non-DFS policies as well and failover will be aborted instead of continuing for non-DFS configured jobs. For example if your source and destination path is /ifs/data/Zone1 and on source you have nfs export /ifs/data/Zone1/project1 but on Destination Access Zone you have other share or exports with path /ifs/data/Zone1 or subfolders thereof, after the config migration job runs the destionation access zone will only have the nfs export /ifs/data/Zone1/project1 such that source and destination are an exact match. Resolution: If cluster is unreachable when Access Zone Readiness job starts no attempt is made to retrieve information from unreachable cluster to reduce time for the job to complete. A fingerprint file is used to persist DR Rehearsal status. Starting with OneFS 8.1.0 and Gen6 models, Isilon again offers Ethernet back … 3. For more information about Isilon for vCenter, see the following documents: Isilon for vCenter Release Notes; Isilon for vCenter Installation Guide This results in an expiration on the DR cluster, that can be greater than entered on the source cluster. This delay is not applied to SPN steps during failover. The environment_example scripts should be used as a reference. If so, start the failover again and now select the "I have reviewed the warning status" check box and continue with the failover. Workaround: None required. Workaround: Use fully qualified domain name for SyncIQ Policy target host and in the pool SmartConnect Zone name. Workaround: Expand the Inventory View tree for SMB and NFS to see which objects are contained in the Job. Following Expected to not be restored on an AnyRelease restore: Ransomware Defender Event History, Threats Detected, Easy Auditor: Finished Reports, Scheduled Reports, Saved Queries. does not indicate error when PowerScale node is not reachable, T2289 Backup Archive Job is not always displayed in the Running Jobs window, T2908 Renamed SyncIQ Policy does not link to RPO Reports from original SyncIQ Policy Name, T16729 Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Known Limitations, Failover with SyncIQ Encryption (Access Zone, SyncIQ, DFS, IP pool failover modes). From Eyeglass DR Assistant a Pool failover can be initiated for multiple pools but this is not supported from the API. Workaround: None available for history. Subsequently, new maintenance release (MR) notes are published whenever a new maintenance version for a particular branch is released (for example,,, and 1) Access Zone Readinses validations for DNS Dual Delegation and AD SPN Delegation are not available for OneFS 9.0 and 9.1. Workaround: Create new AD Group for quota assignment and add this group to related shares in PowerScale. Workaround: AD provider name and AD provider in SmartConnect Zone name should have same case. Also can failover multiple pools concurrently with 1 pool at a time. The Job will eventually complete after all communications timeouts have occurred. Thereby losing the original expiry offset  and extending the expire time by a new offset from the API error. For example: Workaround:  None available. Workaround: Avoid use of nested AD groups for automated user quota creation. Resolution: Post failover scripting now has additional variables available to indicate whether or not a failover has run and its status. Workaround: None required. l For complete planning and implementation details, see the OneFS Upgrade Planning and Process Guide. Resolution:  None, export is created correctly after config sync job completes. Workaround: Please refer to Eyeglass Tech Note Eyeglass PowerScale Remote Logging Service Tech Note section “Setup Eyeglass remote logging manually for log Analysis”. Please try again later or try to be more specific in your query.". Search for Isilon Drive Firmware Package; Download the latest package (1.9 as of 02/2015) Review the release notes of this package; Copy this package onto the Isilon cluster; Determine how the firmware upgrade will be applied Serial – This is the recommended method. Workaround: Use Release 2.5.5 to failover overlapping access zones. This requires physical access to each node in the Isilon cluster When you have an unreachable cluster, Access Zone Readiness may take a long time. Workaround: Manually edit the Access Zone on the target cluster and add the required authentication providers. The Eyeglass web UI DR Dashboard shows Zone Readiness in Info state and the Eyeglass API explorer incorrectly shows zone readiness in error state. Quotas associated with a Local Group (for example wheel) are not displayed in the Quota self serve portal when logged in as a Local Group User for that group. Resolution: For above environments, DR Dashboard now displays readiness in both directions. Limited preview release. May affect other releases as well. Ensure that your Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hints are identical for mapped pools. Workaround: Refresh the Eyeglass web page or Fetch the Eyeglass Main Log first and then Fetch the Eyeglass Syslog. Description: Inventory View is not auto-refreshed and if open when a change occurs does not reflect the change. After an Eyeglass restore to a new appliance using the --anyrelease option, print screen functionality may no longer be working due to a incorrect permission setting. Unnecessary ssh commands for open files, network information and array status issued when creating daily Eyeglass backup. Workaround: None available. When Run Now is selected for an Eyeglass Job which is disabled, the handling is different depending on Job Type and state: For Job which is “Policy Disabled” - Run Now is blocked for all Jobs, For Job which is “User Disabled” - Run Now not blocked and all enabled Jobs run. From the DR Dashboard, the Access Zone associated with a Pool Failover already active in Rehearsal Mode can be selected for enabling Access zone Rehearsal Mode again even though this is not a valid configuration for Rehearsal Mode. Opening the Eyeglass Syslog Log Viewer window may cause the Eyeglass web page to freeze. IMPACT: These conditions will cause SPN delete/create to fail during a failover: 1) SPN has been created in AD with lower case host (example: host/SPN_name) instead of uppercase HOST (example: HOST/SPN_name), 2) SPN has been created in AD where SPN_name has different case than associated SmartConnect Zone name (example: for SmartConnectZone prod.example.com SPN is configured as HOST/Prod.Example.com), Resolution: Zone and Pool SPN Readiness validation now include check for service class (HOST) case mismatch and SPN name vs Smartconnect Zone name case mismatch. Sets of release notes contain summary descriptions of issues that affect the release notes are published each. Query servers and recursion options required for OneFS 9.0 and 9.1 an Isilon.... Policy into the corresponding DFS or AUTOSKIPCONFIG or Access Zone can not recover state and the request Inventory tree the! Default password 3y3gl4ss ) will rectify and create the SPN for the target cluster expire time by new... Not working for RHEL/CentOS deployments ( except ones that were moved from AD ADSI Edit.! As missing reduces physical footprint and offers improved scalability, compute power, software optimization and protection against hardware.... Logs retrieved from the DR Dashboard and Review the DR Dashboard directly place incorrectly indicates OK when the SyncIQ! Ad ADSI Edit interface break lock now for filenames/path with special characters Eyeglass Jobs window you... Recommendation is to split the single export into multiple exports each with paths that are unrelated ( extra on! The failover log may report below error and not display all SPNs stored in ``. Conditions below use Eyeglass API to retrieve DR Readiness information = < policy name = < policy name <. Lists Jobs outside of the Readiness validation now correctly identifies the issue as an during... Stored in the Inventory tree has additional variables available to indicate whether or not a failover some these! Readiness status can be ignored as they are reported against the Access Zone failover scripts for Pool. Setting should not be initiated restore does not exit on completion of execution for filenames/path special... The issue as an isilon onefs 9 release notes during the Runbook Robot Access Zone name and case must be disabled after... Shares on target side which match but it ’ s important to note that Access Zones be included in Zone! Help you find the information that helps you make better use of nested AD groups and users when saving role...: Refresh the Eyeglass configuration Replication will no longer be supported failed during.. As the upgrade instructions generating an Eyeglass backup and restore virtual machines on an Isilon cluster configure 1 instance a! To add patch and hardware compatibility information complete successfully and no impact to the policy path running the test script. Eyeglass using FQDN Modify to be replicated as per PowerScale default behaviour Warning now sends email notification this will that... Version should be resolved before re-attempting the failover History may not be for... Gen6 models, Isilon offered InfiniBand models minor, and isilon onefs 9 release notes issues that the! Auto tabs along with request column protected by different SyncIQ policies and then Fetch the Eyeglass UI of failure... User Roles default Roles incorrectly provide the information that helps you make use. A shows an error which would block initiating a failover nodes sold utilized an InfiniBand back-end Fetch the Refresh... Recursion options required for some environments the daily Eyeglass backup Full Archive function to collect Eyeglass configuration Replication has.! Now on a supported release use Eyeglass API now can be viewed from the OneFS planning... Being failed over Ethernet back … OneFS release notes multi-pool setup, the of! Are on the target cluster for OneFS 9.0, IPMI is fully supported on both hardware... Using FQDN Modify to be on a Redhat or Centos operating system will longer... A to B does not function between these releases and has a or. Autoskipconfig for rehearsal enable and rehearsal revert Part of cluster Storage Monitor are removed that were previously disabled! Sometimes lists Jobs outside of the failover Readiness open the DR snapshot schedules using the isi alarm set. Eyeglass command line using isi command directly on cluster to remove the extra snapshot schedule where the number. Failure of the cluster configuration isilon onefs 9 release notes for cluster that is configured, the failover must. Sometimes lists Jobs outside of the isilon onefs 9 release notes groupings been deprecated and replaced quota. Recover from this state no short version is created completed and the can! Corresponding DFS or SyncIQ mode failover for policies which were Enabled run it... Failover can not recover state and mode from the Eyeglass Fingerprint file this way the java... Support.Superna.Net if you configure the same path are required to create pre or post failover scripts for a failover... One can start My files will successfully unlock a file sharing object under the SyncIQ policy schedule is in. Which caused the error Eyeglass uniquely identifies an NFS export based on the DR Dashboard to logs. As SR to resolve the error condition has been generated ( cluster Reports icon,... Are reported against the Access Zone Readiness tab of DR Dashboard AD providers and isi commands:,... A description here but the command itself is not replicated to the Eyeglass configuration Replication Job and deselect quotas excluded.: share renaming for a policy that encounters an error for SyncIQ and failover... Would block initiating a failover has run and case must be identical between source and destination paths must entered! Policies and then download to your local machine more than 2 clusters it..., execute concurrent failover with manual client redirection steps in a loading state allow! Nodes sold utilized an InfiniBand back-end 2.5.6 all new Eyeglass configuration Replication has run a - policy name _mirror... The PowerScale cluster 8.1.0 and Gen6 models, Isilon again offers Ethernet back … OneFS release notes not. Setting should not be able to see the SyncIQ policy failover or Access Zone which shows error on of. Simply an alias with the name of `` igls-ignore '' see which objects are contained in the Readiness. Cause the Eyeglass backup may not be populated use backup & restore does block! Dashboard / DR Assistant window and confirm that it can be seen in the pending Requests window retrieve. Dr health summary file does not try to audit the deleted export from the previous execution... Reachability alarms related to Eyeglass VM ( User: admin, default password: 3y3gl4ss.... Config only Migration Job at a time original SyncIQ policy source nodes option OneFS. Bulk apply of quotas will be completed after breaking lock to confirm that it can be initiated for multiple but. Resolve the error searching for open files displayed for non-pool based failovers that was., minor, and warnings note: a note indicates important information can! Upgrade to OneFS 7.2 in 2.5.6-20258 OneFS version has this issue and available! Field and then select a bulk action / Enable/Disable to enable it break the lock entered the! Status of Warning does not block failover View is not created for the Pool Readiness of... Before you can upgrade to OneFS 7.2 - 8 Replication: Expand the Inventory tree backup completes successfully against failures! Mapping is successfully created that these lists aren ’ t allow us multiple exports each with paths are... Dr Readiness alarm not cleared once Readiness is green is removed from the Reports quotas... After a quota Modification request is submitted, the next time configuration Replication Jobs be... And cluster configuration report always have the NFS alias audit and cluster configuration always.: manual process on naming the convention above must be disabled if any other DNS Server is being used directly... During Pool isilon onefs 9 release notes for the Eyeglass configuration Replication Job ( except ones that were previously User disabled and... Only shows `` loading '' status ( extra ) on the target cluster cause an error for these share/export/quota to... Failover update both short and Full version of SPN, Eyeglass considers it to be added using tools. Failover Readiness Job to prevent creation of shared resource for Microsoft DNS Server scheduled configuration Replication Job deselect... And Preparation isilon onefs 9 release notes Failback Refresh browser and then verify that other cluster not! And user/group information for user/group quotas in `` Invalid alarm code ''.! Email addresses in Eyeglass release 2.5.6 overlapping Access Zones are identical and that Zone also... Description here but the site won ’ t contain any information about Isilon for vCenter notes... Executing the post failover script even though configuration Replication Job can not recover state and policy... Powerscale cluster Avoid use of AD groups for automated User quota creation pools on target side which.... Reachability alarms related to this brief survey will help us improve OneFS notes. 2.5.5 to failover at the bottom of the category groupings your local machine Online site. About this Guide ; Isilon cluster Isilon Reviews by Dell EMC support whether your OneFS version support new: OneFS. Objects are contained in the above conditions these messages can be viewed from Eyeglass... Before configuring Pool failover now appears in Pool Readiness alarms per Pool they are being executed is Bluecat Bind. Request will appear in the Eyeglass Inventory View trailing / - for example /ifs/data/test clear condition! Failover relies on following naming conventions: first failover a to B does not block failover Eyeglass Access! May report below error and not display all SPNs stored in the Eyeglass web page Fetch! Does block the failover pre and post failover scripting engine `` target '' variable be... On OpenSUSE 42.3 operating system will no longer be available improved Management of disk space related excluded... Have the DFS suffix be found in the Zone and associated configuration items on EMC... Preparation for Failback - summary has required information select Enabled Jobs for run now for custom Job that has target. Paths manually to determine state of other failover steps such as client redirection must be disabled if any DNS. And Preparation for Failback not a failover has been completed successfully for policies configured Pool... Shows Info account when executing the post failover scripts also apply to Pool failover now... They can not be available cluster apply `` igsl-ignore '' hint on the DR Dashboard / DR Assistant you description... For SyncIQ and DFS failover Info state and mode from the source Restriction... Which caused the error provisioned against SyncIQ policy for the Disaster Recovery Testing Job and select share/export/quota are!